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The Personal Totem Pole

A powerful process which utilizes guided imagery and deep relaxation, the Personal Totem Pole Process is a unique blend of three elements: Carl G. Jung’s technique of Active imagination, the eastern practice of understanding the human being as a system of inter-related energy centers (chakras), and the Native American Practice of speaking to and learning from animals. This process was developed by Dr. E.S. Gallegos, and is aimed at deeply exploring, understanding and healing the different aspects of our inner selves.

Visualization and guided imagery are powerful tools which have been used successfully for centuries in healing and self development. Human beings are imaging creatures. We image actively until we are taught that it is unacceptable. We then gradually learn to trust authorities rather then our own inner voice. The personal Totem Pole process attempts to reinstate the inner voice as a trusted partner in life. It is a powerful, useful and highly adaptable tool which facilitates and enhances self-awareness, self-confidence and creativity in all areas of life.

The Personal Totem Pole: Beginners Course

On this two-day course, through the use of deep imagery and relaxation, participants are guided to meet the animal representation of each of their chakras, or energy centers. By learning how to effectively interact with their chakra animals – whose identity, state, and personalities represent various aspects of our own psyche – participants will acquire a highly effective tool for both self-diagnosis and self-healing. The course is the beginning of an empowering and transformative journey back to ourselves, as we learn how to walk hand in hand with our chakra animals – those aspects of our psyche we may have chosen to forget.

The Personal Totem Pole: Beginners Course for Children

The personal totem pole process is especially effective for working with children, who seem to engage with their imagination easily and effortlessly, and for whom conversing with animals allows the expression of thoughts and emotions which they might not otherwise share with adults.

The Personal Totem Pole: Advanced Course

This advanced weekend course is a deepening of the of the basic Totem Pole workshop. On this course we will be further developing our skills of using the Totem Pole process both as a healing and diagnostic tool with ourselves and others. The work on this course incorporates art, diagnostic and counseling skills in addition to a deep self-exploration and healing.