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Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing is a personal growth process, which uses a breathing technique to expand awareness and clear out physical, emotional and mental blocks or stresses, especially those arising from birth and early childhood. A gentler approach than traditional Rebirthing, this system aims at freeing individuals from their learnt patterns and suppressions, enabling them to empower themselves, integrate their fragmented self and experience self-mastery, joy and self-love. Through a process of deep, conscious, connected breathing people are able to clear energetic blocks within their body, integrating repressed emotions, traumas and old patterns.

Conscious Breathing evolved from a collection of techniques and processes, such as Rebirthing, Taoism, the work of Gurdjieff, a variety of modern psychological theories and many ancient mystical principles. The focus is on gentle resolution rather than dramatic expression and re-experience of past traumas. It is based on the philosophy that our thoughts are creative, that we create our lives according to what we consciously and subconsciously believe in. we have all acquired unconscious limiting belief systems throughout our lives, and especially following our birth and during early childhood. some of these limiting beliefs may be: ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘the world is a dangerous place’, or ‘I don’t deserve to be loved’. These unconscious beliefs are not necessarily accessible intellectually, but are stored in our physical body. By using the breath, we can access these stored emotions and beliefs, recognize them, and let them go.

Conscious Breathing: Foundation Course

The course combines breath work together with a variety of therapeutic techniques as well as teachings of the spiritual and philosophical foundations of Conscious Breathing. Although this intensive seven day course can be a profound transformational healing experience on its own, the learning does not stop at the end of the course. Rather, it provides participants with simple and useful tools that will enable them to deal with difficult situations and conflicts in their daily lives.

Included in the course are sessions of breathing, discussions, lectures and practice, guided imagery, art therapy, Jungian and Gestalt based techniques such as mask work, dancing and playing. Through this work participants will also discover their limiting belief systems and learn effective ways of creating positive ones.

The course is for people of all ages and helps to deal with various situations and aspects of our lives, such as stress, anxiety and fear, traumas and post-traumas, depression, low self esteem and difficulties or conflicts in relationships with intimate partners, children, parents, our boss and ourselves.

The effects of the course are immediate and include:

  • The ability to relax and let go of stress
  • Better health and more energy
  • Expanding awareness
  • Developing self-realization
  • Increasing our intuition and creativity
  • Discovering the capacity for inner peace, compassion and happiness

Conscious Breathing: Advanced Course

This intensive seven day course continues where the Conscious Breathing course stopped. In addition to deepening the theoretical foundation of Conscious Breathing, this course provides an opportunity for intensive self exploration and deepening of self-knowledge, by further expanding our awareness and connecting with our inner power and wisdom. Special focus is given to the subjects of self-love, sex and sexuality, conscious relationships, anger patterns and inner child work. This course is suitable for both people who wish to go further on their path of personal growth or for those who wish to become practitioners of Conscious Breathing.

Prerequisite to attending this course is having attended the Conscious Breathing foundation course.

Conscious Breathing: Working with Shadow Parts

“Shadow parts” or “shadow self” are term borrowed from the psychology of C. G. Jung. The Jungian shadow self is a concept used to describe the accumulation of the rejected fragments of our psyche. Jung claimed that throughout our lives, we lose parts of our own psyche, parts which for one reason or another, we deny or refuse to acknowledge as our own. These parts are repressed and pushed into the depths of our unconscious mind. In order to complete ourselves, a process of reintegration of these lost parts must take place. Jung claimed that the integration of the shadow with the true self results in psychological wholeness and well being.

Through the breath, we are able to bring our repressed parts back from the depths of our subconscious mind and integrate them into our true self. “Shadow parts” is a series of advanced experiential weekend courses. Each course is a unit on its own and is focused on a different shadow part in an attempt to deepen and expand our awareness and integration of the self.

Currently, three shadow part courses are offered, focusing on the subjects of guilt, fear of death, and anger and aggression. Each subject is covered on a different independent course unit. These courses are suitable for both people who wish to go further on their path of personal growth or for those who wish to become practitioners of Conscious Breathing.

Prerequisite to attending this course is having attended the Conscious Breathing foundation course.